Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guido's Pizza Okemos MI

For the first time in a reallyyyy long time I actually had pizza that tasted like pizza:) We have this restaurant where I live called Guidos and they are certified Gluten-free. They are the only place in Michigan certified through the National Foundation For Celiac Awareness to make GF pizza's in michigan. They even have a dedicated work area and utensils they only use for the GF food. They also make GF breadsticks,pasta's,subs,salads,wings and desserts. I contacted the owner ahead of time because i wanted to know if he could make me a Gluten,dairy,egg and soy free pizza. He said he could as long as he had 24 hours notice:) The cheese he uses for people that need dairy free is also soy free and he gets it from canada. It actually melts.

I got the veggie pizza with the dairy-free cheese. The crust was delicious...and tasted like any other pizza crust! The dairy free cheese was a little too rich for me. It was very creamy and overwhelming. He put less on it but i might even ask for even less next time. I can't wait to try one of his subs next time:) The pizza was a bit costly. With a $3.00 off coupon it was $20. Which for the cost of the ingredients and to prepare it makes sense. It will definately won't be a weekly thing...but as a treat for special occasions. I can't wait to try one of the GF subs. He apparantly in opening a GF sandwich shop soon.

It was just so nice for one meal not to worry and have a place that actually knows and is willing to accomodate my dietary issues. I hope more places start to do that.
Here is a link to their site/menu:

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