Friday, September 3, 2010

Traveling to New York State for Labor Day Weekend!

 We are currently in New York State for Labor day weekend to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It is very exciting to go see my family as I haven't seen them in awhile! But with having Celiac Disease and other allergies it can be hard to plan everything out, and i bit stressful. I had to bring all my own food and all my own plates,bowls,and utensils because i am so sensitive, and have to eat alot of specialty food. So i was a bit stressed the last few days planning what i was going to bring, and making sure i pack everything. I went out to my local health foods store (Foods For Living) to pick up a few things. It is also stressful going to visit the family because they didn't really know about my diseases or dietary issues, so we had to go through explaining it to them. Least they want to learn about it, and are curious but it gets old sometimes always trying to explain it to people. Fingers crossed I will not get sick this trip;)

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