Saturday, September 11, 2010

Avoiding the Cross-Contamination Blues

  I happen to be the only person in my family/household that is Gluten-Free/has food allergies. They eat Gluten,so cross-contamination can be a big issue. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid contamination in a kitchen shared with Gluten.
  1. Store your GF baking supplies and foods in a separate section of the kitchen or pantry (I have my own cupboard just with my stuff). Clearly label GF containers and products (I go crazy with the sharpie markers!).
  2. Use separate Utensils,cutting boards, and other cooking tools (I even have my own plates,bowls ect. and i keep it all in separate drawer).
  3. If you are preparing both GF and non-GF items at the same time,prepare the GF food first.
  4. Buy condiments in squeeze bottles if possible, or have your own separate jars.
  5. If possible buy separate appliances (such as a toaster and bread machine, also a toaster oven is a great investment if you are only cooking for yourself). I also have these reusable toaster bags that come in handy if we are at someone elses house.

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